Episode 11


It's been an interesting week charting the progress of the strip. Hope you've had fun. And here is the final version with all the little details added. Marge puts Father Nozebest in his place (for now) and goes out for some entertainment. But her choices are rather limited. If I had to pick from those films, I'd choose the same one she did. Join us in two weeks for "Zombie Marge Goes To the Movies." Let's see if she can riff her way through Night of the Living Dead like a pro.


  1. I confess I kind of had Marge pegged as a Twilight fan...

  2. Marge has a little thing for Taylor Lautner, but she won't admit it.

  3. Thanks for showing your process. I loved seeing the stages you go through. Interesting that the depth you create is less involved that it looks. I need some lessons!!

    1. Thanks, Viki. I've picked up a trick or two along the way.

  4. Tim,
    This has been a very interesting series of posts - thank you for posting it - and thanks for the understanding of my unwanted post to the illustrators blog. It seems everything is working fine now.
    I found it very interesting that you added that short panel about Marge saving her head for a snack - and then tossed it because of the Zombie Marge header.

  5. David,
    I rarely toss anything. That panel will appear later in the comic book version of these strips. I don't want the logo to appear over and over again, page after page, So each and every strip has a bit of extra art that will be unique to the comic book just to smooth out the story a little.