Episode 9


This is the second episode in a row without an appearance from Zombie Marge. At this rate, I'll need to change the name of the strip. *SPOILER ALERT* If you're missing Marge, you will see more of her then anyone needs to see next time. You have been warned!

So, you don’t trust the internet, huh!

I hear you. You say you’d like to own all those great comics listed along the left side of this page, but you just don’t want to send your hard-earned money out into the cold nothingness of cyberspace. Well, if you find yourself in the Newport, Kentucky area, you are in luck.

Arcadian Comics is the latest brick and mortar store to stock up on the fine line of Zombie Marge publications. March right up to the counter and proudly ask for them by name. Then hand your cold hard cash to a real, flesh and blood human. It’s a great, friendly little store with a huge selection of current comics, independents, graphic novels and a large selection of kid’s comics.

Arcadian Comics is located on historic Monmouth Street, right down the block for the infamous Brass Ass. Before you stop off for a cold one with some of their fine exxxotic dancers, go buy some comics. Tell ‘em Zombie Marge sent ya, honey!

Episode 8


Now that Zombie Marge has gotten that editorial off her chest, maybe we can get back to the story. If you remember, the ghostly Father Nozebest had looked in the yellow pages under "Z" and called in some professionals to handle his zombie infestation. 
Maybe he can get his money back.


Zombie Marge insisted on interrupting the flow of our current storyline to respond to some recent disturbing headlines. She was pretty worked up about it, too.  So I stepped aside and let her present her views.

Had she given it a bit more thought, I’m sure she would have mentioned that here at the blog, our thoughts go out to the unfortunate man who was savagely attacked without provocation. We wish him a complete and speedy recovery. Thank you for your time.