Marge & Me

My eagle-eyed readers have probably noticed that there has not been a new episode of Zombie Marge go up here at the blog for a couple or three months. No doubt, they are asking themselves, “Hey, what’s the deal with that?!”

The answer is simple, I have not been able to draw the strip. For the last couple of years, I’ve been fighting off increasing pain and numbness in my right arm, caused by some bone spurs in my neck. I could work for limited periods of time, but sitting at the drawing table made it much worse. Case in point, I did the drawing above a few nights ago, twenty minutes in and my right hand is cramping up.  

I’ve tried every treatment I could find, chiropractic, steroid shots, etc., but only got temporary relief while the problem got worse. So last Thursday, I went in for surgery on my neck. It’s a couple of days later, I’m home from the hospital, and even though I’m in a great deal of pain in my neck, my arm feels better immediately. It seems that there has been no lasting damage to the nerves. So after a month or so of rest, I should be back at the board, cranking out the adventures of everybody’s favorite unholy curmudgeon, Zombie Marge. Stay tuned.