Rockin' Rooster and Up Up and Away Comics

Some people have asked me where they can pick up the 12 Way-comic.
I just made sure both Rockin' Rooster and Up Up and Away have stock of the book available.
Both are great shops that I frequent so even if you are just looking for a good comic shop stop by.
In other news I just got around to reading some of Daryll's one panel gags, Freak'n brilliant and hilarious. This Just In, is a personal favorite.

Cincy Chic Books

Here is a feature that Cincy Chic did about the Twelve Way book. It includes interviews with Daryll Collins, Darcy Vorhees, and Tim Fuller, and is a little about the group and how the book came about.

Photo of Daryll Collins by Neysa Ruhl

Review: Small Press Newsroom

Thanks to Allen Freeman, editor at Fanatic Press for his review of 12-Way with Cheese on his Small Press Newsroom blog:

His next edition of Slam Bang, the explosive comics anthology, ia all about robots. Submission due at the end of 2010.