Episode 51


With this installment of Zombie Marge, we’ve reached the halfway point in the story. From here on buckle up for non-stop action. Will Marge be the hero of this story or not? And what of the mysterious Mothman, is the alien commander right about him? What is his motivation in this story?

You won’t have long to wait. I will be kicking off the second half of the story in just a few weeks. But first, I need to take a little break to get caught up on some other projects, like editing the second issue of the comic and illustrating some pin-ups for other books. Don’t worry about the blog, it won’t be idle. I will be posting some new material here as I finish it. Maybe even another of Zombie Marge’s Fun Pages. In fact, check in next week for some news on the next issue of SHAM Comics, the all-horror issue. I might even run a full story from this issue. Stay tuned!

Episode 50


"Where's Zombie Marge?" you ask. Don't worry, she'll return soon. But some of the supporting characters have some business to do first. Stay tuned.