Episode 67


It's been four months since the last episode of Zombie Marge went up. It seems even longer to me. The surgery mentioned in the previous post was a complete success and I'm on the mend. My right arm no longer goes numb or has any sort of pain while drawing. So the good news is that Marge is back in production. While I was laid up after the operation, I managed to do a considerable bit of writing. I'm far ahead on this strip as well as two-thirds finished with the next SHAM Comics projects, "The Adventures of The Nerdly Boyz." New Zombie Marge strips will be going up every other week until we get to the end of the Mothman storyline. After that, I should be able to announce some new fun things that are in the planning stage right now. For now, enjoy this new strip. Go back and reread some of the old ones to get caught up. See you in the funny papers!