Episode 45


 At last! This is one of the strips that I've been looking forward to working on for a long time. I knew when I started this UFO storyline that the aliens would be the lovable, bumbling, effeminate crew from Plan 9 From Outer Space (or are they?!) And I knew I had to set up a lot of others plot points before I could introduce them at about the mid-point in the story. So it was fun to watch the movie again with my sketchpad and try to get, not quite caricatures, but more like characters. And to get their stilted dialogue down as well. The next few episodes will take place on board the Mothership as they lay out their master plan for Zombie Marge. Stay tuned!

Episode 44


You would think by this time Marge would be used to waking up in strange places.

Episode 43


Zombie Marge took some time off during the holidays to deck her halls and jungle her bells. But she's back, baby! If this episode looks familiar, it's because it's nearly the same as Episode 26, with one very big difference.

Do I hear you say "Where is Magre?" She vanished in a ball of light some time back. Join us next time to find out just where she went. See you soon!