Episode 26


Boy! Compared to last week, was this strip ever hard work. But loads of fun. I don’t think there’s been a Zombie Marge episode with as many different characters on one page.

From the beginning, I’ve dropped hints that Purgatory Park, and Tanglefoot Cenetery in particular, were special locations that just invited the paranormal to come on in and make itself at home. Strange things are always happening there. That’s why Marge is so comfortable in the town. Suddenly all that paranormal activity has taken the form of unusual lights in the sky and all the related phenomenon. The locals have gathered at the pub to swap stories of the latest odd events, in this case, the UFO sightings and extraterrestrial visitations. Everybody is trying to one-up the others. It seems like the whole town has had some sort of unexplainable experience or another. But Zombie Marge has them all beat. With a little luck, this story will try to get around to answering all of these various mysteries. Except maybe how to make a proper Manhattan. The truth is out there!

Episode 25


Oh boy! This new format is liberating. I'm moving at such speeds that I'm seven strips ahead already. At this rate I should be able to post once a week, at least until I slow down.

So join us next time as the town is buzzing about all the strange events. Even Marge has a story to tell.

Episode 24


Buckle up! Here we go! The first thing you’ll notice is that I redesigned the format of the strip. While I liked the looks of the Sunday comic page-style I was using, it was a great deal of extra work to restack it for a comic book page. It was also very restrictive to write and draw as well. This opens up new possibilities of layout and storytelling. Look for more innovative narrative as this tale goes on.

A couple of weeks ago, I admitted to not having an ending for the Hawking story when I began posting it. That is not the case this time out. I’ve plotted this little epic completely from start to finish. Which is not to say that there isn’t some room to improvise in the middle. We will see.

The story will last most of this year. I intend to give it the space it deserves to play out. Everything will change by the end. Enjoy the ride!

Happy Ides of Marge!

As if Zombie Marge wasn't paranormal enough by herself, suddenly, Tanglefoot Cemetery becomes a hot spot for UFO activity. Marge finds herself caught up in unfathomable events, too big for her to handle. Join her for a joyride of alien abduction, lost time, cattle mutilation, crop circles, cryptids, snallygasters, grays and Men In Black, all led by the mysterious Mothman. Is he here to help Marge, or…?

Join us next week for the first episode as Marge Madness continues.

Episode 23


And here we are, at last, at the final episode of this storyline, as we quickly approach the one-year anniversary of the strip. I want to thank my faithful readers who've stuck it out. It's been a fun year, full of ups and downs. I have big plans for the next series of stories, but with this episode, I wanted to bring everything back to the status quo. Valuable lessons are learned and the after life returns to what Zombie Marge calls normal. But her version of normal won't last for long.

Stop by on March 15th to celebrate the Ides of Marge and get a little peek at the new adventure.

Episode 22



It seems like the strip is settling back into a regular schedule as my arm continues to heal. This story line is winding down and a new adventure begins on March 15th.

For those of you who like to see behind the curtain (you know who you are), I will admit that I had no idea how this story was going to end when I started it. It's a terribly unfocused way to work, but it produces some surprising results often. But back in September I attended an Ad Club luncheon where we viewed award-winning work from around the world. Included in the commercials and campaigns was a documentary on the making of the Tupac hologram at the Coachella festival. It was a tailor-made solution to my Hawking problem. Marge wouldn't have to actually eat Stephen's brain after all.