Episode 24


Buckle up! Here we go! The first thing you’ll notice is that I redesigned the format of the strip. While I liked the looks of the Sunday comic page-style I was using, it was a great deal of extra work to restack it for a comic book page. It was also very restrictive to write and draw as well. This opens up new possibilities of layout and storytelling. Look for more innovative narrative as this tale goes on.

A couple of weeks ago, I admitted to not having an ending for the Hawking story when I began posting it. That is not the case this time out. I’ve plotted this little epic completely from start to finish. Which is not to say that there isn’t some room to improvise in the middle. We will see.

The story will last most of this year. I intend to give it the space it deserves to play out. Everything will change by the end. Enjoy the ride!

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