Episode 15


This was such a traumatic experience for her; it will be a cold day in Hell before we get Marge back into the theater. Next week, we start a new a new story with a special surprise guest!

Episode 14


 It occurred to me to censor the zombie heinie, but we’re all adults here, aren’t we? If not, avert your eyes!

Episode 13


Poor Marge. It's tough to sit through a feature-length film when you're a chain-smoking zombie with a short attention span.

Episode 12


Good ol’ Marge certainly deserves a night out, doesn't she? But has she made the best choice of movies? I admit to loving the film, but there’s a more practical reason for screening it for Marge and Grubworth. It seems the copyrights were never filed correctly on Night of the Living Dead, so that no one owns it anymore. Or rather, everyone owns it. It moved quickly into Public Domain, which is why you can find so many copies of it in all formats from multiple companies. In my case, it means I can use it without getting into any legal trouble.

The idea behind this series of strips was to run a tribute to the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. That’s the last crew of the Satellite of Love, Mike Nelson and his robot pals, in panel 2. Check out their current movie riffing venture at Rifftrax.com.

Since these strips require so much less drawing than usual, I will be posting them once a week through the month of August. A new story line will start in September. Enjoy!