Episode 62

Now we're talkin'! Marge takes the fight back to her turf. Look out!

And the winner is...

...holy cow, it's Zombie Marge! She's the humble recipient of a highly coveted Larry Award from Huntington's own Tricon. We couldn't be happier! Thanks, y'all.

Episode 60

Zombie Marge steps up as an action hero, sort of like Liam Neeson.

Episode 59

Will Marge make good her escape, or is she headed back to her cell? Join us next time to see.

Episode 58

Just because it's Valentine's Day, here's an overly sentimental installment of Zombie Marge. With this reunion, the gang is back together again, now the action can really get started!

Episode 57

Zombie Marge continues to take charge of her situation. More reunions are to come, join us in two weeks.