Episode 59

Will Marge make good her escape, or is she headed back to her cell? Join us next time to see.

Episode 58

Just because it's Valentine's Day, here's an overly sentimental installment of Zombie Marge. With this reunion, the gang is back together again, now the action can really get started!

Episode 57

Zombie Marge continues to take charge of her situation. More reunions are to come, join us in two weeks.

Episode 56

Well, all right then! it looks like Zombie Marge is finally taking control of her situation. Tune in again in two weeks for a surprise reunion with an old friend.

Episode 55

Happy New Year!! I have to admit, I've neglected the blog for the last few months while I worked on several other projects. But that is about to change. My New Year's resolution is to be more active here. New strips are on the way with more regularity. With the next episode, we will be leaving the supporting cast for a bit. Poor Zombie Marge has been missing in action since Episode 47 where she was captured by the aliens and imprisoned on their orbiting space station. It's high time we learned her fate. So, join us in two weeks for more pulse-pounding action.

Zombie Marge #2 Review

My great friend, Todd Goodman, head honcho of Old World Comics, wrote a very good, and very funny review for the new issue of Zombie Marge. You can find it at his site, at the bottom of the page, along with and older review of my Midnite Matinee book:


Buy his comics while you're there.

Johnny Sassback is on the case

Here's a sample of a new SHAM Comics project nearing completion. It's one of a series of mini comics for a SHAM value pack. I found a Johnny Danger #1, (and only), on ebay for a reasonable price. (Could Johnny be a distant relative for Nick's? Could be, could be!) I scanned the comic and ran it through my warped filter, upping the cynical factor. It's scary how much I identified with this character who says all the mean things I keep to myself. It was great fun messing with the cliches of detective fiction. Finally I added a series of crime-related ads to round out the book, and I'm done! Watch for it at comic conventions in the near future.