Zombie Marge #2 Review

My great friend, Todd Goodman, head honcho of Old World Comics, wrote a very good, and very funny review for the new issue of Zombie Marge. You can find it at his site, at the bottom of the page, along with and older review of my Midnite Matinee book:


Buy his comics while you're there.

Johnny Sassback is on the case

Here's a sample of a new SHAM Comics project nearing completion. It's one of a series of mini comics for a SHAM value pack. I found a Johnny Danger #1, (and only), on ebay for a reasonable price. (Could Johnny be a distant relative for Nick's? Could be, could be!) I scanned the comic and ran it through my warped filter, upping the cynical factor. It's scary how much I identified with this character who says all the mean things I keep to myself. It was great fun messing with the cliches of detective fiction. Finally I added a series of crime-related ads to round out the book, and I'm done! Watch for it at comic conventions in the near future.

Episode 54

Mothman seems to have the solution to the current zombie problem.

Good news, indeed!

Zombie Marge Comix & Stories #2 is finally available. It features the first half of Marge’s adventures with UFOs, abduction, Men in Black, glowing balls of light, alien invaders and, of course, the mysterious Mothman. Oh, and zombies figure into the story too. All this and some exciting back-up features, like an interview and Marge-flavored pin-ups by some of my cartoonist pals. The comic is available online through Indy Planet in two versions. The print edition is $5.00 and the digital download is 99 cents. The direct link is at the left.

I will have copies of the comic at the upcoming local shows, Cincy ComiCon on September 5-7 and the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 19-21. See you there!

HooHa Goes Digital

I enjoy reading comics on my iPad. After a lifetime of collecting, storage space gets pretty tight. So having a nice little collection that only takes up a few gigabits on a hard drive is very convienent. Since I started this little publishing venture, I’ve been working to be able to offer my books as downloadable PDFs. I’m happy to say that, with the help of Ka-Blam and Indy Planet, they are ready.

The links to the left go to Indy Planet’s online ordering site where you can choose between print versions of the books at regular price, or full digital versions for only 99 cents for the regular issues and $1.99 for the longer books, like 12-Way. Choose from the menu options under the book description, checkout and download the comics. Easy and painless.

Episode 52

Sometimes Zombie Marge and I just need a break from each other. It was great to take a month off from the strip and work on some other ideas for a change. But I wasn't even that far from good ol' Zombie Marge. I was putting the finishing touches on the second issue of ZM Comix & Stories, which should be on sale at the fall conventions. It will have the first half of The Mothman Cometh! storyline, plus some surprise backup features.

But now it's time to get back to work. We pick up the story in mid-escape with the human survivors of Purgatory Park's zombie infestation. Meanwhile Zombie Marge remains in space, a prisoner of the invading aliens who are in control of the zombies. We will get back to her in a couple of episodes.