Episode 67

It's been four months since the last episode of Zombie Marge went up. It seems even longer to me. The surgery mentioned in the previous post was a complete success and I'm on the mend. My right arm no longer goes numb or has any sort of pain while drawing. So the good news is that Marge is back in production. While I was laid up after the operation, I managed to do a considerable bit of writing. I'm far ahead on this strip as well as two-thirds finished with the next SHAM Comics projects, "The Adventures of The Nerdly Boyz." New Zombie Marge strips will be going up every other week until we get to the end of the Mothman storyline. After that, I should be able to announce some new fun things that are in the planning stage right now. For now, enjoy this new strip. Go back and reread some of the old ones to get caught up. See you in the funny papers!

Marge & Me

My eagle-eyed readers have probably noticed that there has not been a new episode of Zombie Marge go up here at the blog for a couple or three months. No doubt, they are asking themselves, “Hey, what’s the deal with that?!”

The answer is simple, I have not been able to draw the strip. For the last couple of years, I’ve been fighting off increasing pain and numbness in my right arm, caused by some bone spurs in my neck. I could work for limited periods of time, but sitting at the drawing table made it much worse. Case in point, I did the drawing above a few nights ago, twenty minutes in and my right hand is cramping up.  

I’ve tried every treatment I could find, chiropractic, steroid shots, etc., but only got temporary relief while the problem got worse. So last Thursday, I went in for surgery on my neck. It’s a couple of days later, I’m home from the hospital, and even though I’m in a great deal of pain in my neck, my arm feels better immediately. It seems that there has been no lasting damage to the nerves. So after a month or so of rest, I should be back at the board, cranking out the adventures of everybody’s favorite unholy curmudgeon, Zombie Marge. Stay tuned.

Gambling Practice

The town is all abuzz with the All-Star Game tomorrow. I thought this might be an appropriate time to post a fake ad I did a few years ago.


One of the toughest jobs I have selling comics is describing exactly what SHAM Comics is all about. I can go on and on about how they are based on actual Golden Age comic books that are in Public Domain. I can explain that I remove all the original text and rewrite the stories to be just as wild and satiric as I can make them, all the while still telling a coherent story. I can mention that I rewrite the letter columns and the vintage ads too. I can even claim that the results are hilarious. But, it’s all just talk. The thing that consistently sells SHAM Comics to the unsuspecting masses is reading a copy of the actual book. Once a reader starts a copy, they can’t put it down, and they want more of them.

With that in mind, I’m offering new readers a chance to try one on me. The latest issue, SHAM Comics Splotlite #1 featuring Johnny Sassback, The Smart Ass Detective, is available as a free download from IndyPlanet. Read it at your  leisure on your own device. If you find the humor to your taste, order some more.  All the regular issues are available in digital and print editions.  So follow the link in the left column. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Episode 64

Who would have pictured Zombie Marge as an action hero? Not me!