How To Wash Your Hair

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Zombie Marge’s latest action-packed episode is running a little late. However, I don’t want her loyal readers to go with out a ha-ha or two this week. Marge advised me to, “just run some public service crap. No one will notice the difference, honey.”

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2013

I just wanted to say a slightly belated thank you, to everyone who stopped by our little corner of the Expo to say "Hi." And an even bigger thanks to those who gave our books a good home. Our newest offering, Cap'n Catnip was a big success. We had a wonderful time, as always, and look forward to next year. Be there or be square.

Episode 38


At long last, into the toxic swamp and closer to a finding the aliens. I have to say, this was a fun sequence to draw.

Episode 37


Marge continues her involvement with the local police, although she is no longer the prime suspect in the recent rash of UFO sightings. She's just trying to be helpful by offering her dog to track the Mothman into the swamp. Hey! Wait a minute! Wasn't she wearing handcuffs a few episodes ago?

Cap’n Catnip to the Rescue!

Just in time for the Cincinnati Comic Expo, it’s our newest book, The Adventures of Cap’n Catnip & Womble the Wonder Gerbil. This all-ages comic collects all the material that was created for Charlton Bullseye in 1981. It was written by my good friend John Leasure and drawn, lettered and newly colored by me. Two of the three stories have never been seen in their original form. The art has been gathering dust in my filing cabinet all these years.  It’s about time they saw the light of day.

We will have copies for sale at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, along with a special commemorative art print. Or the book can be ordered online, just click the link on the left.

Episode 36


 As promised, here's a brand new episode, hot off the drawing board. The rampant UFO flap continues in Purgatory Park with sightings of strange creatures and appearances of the ominous Men in Black. Marge, along with her police escort, Sargent Shenanigan and Officer Kelton are being led on a frustrating chase back and fourth across the county. Let's hope they are getting closer to an answer to these mysteries, and not just stringing us along like the X-Files did.