My Life is a SHAM!

Since it’s an off week while I work on the next episode of Zombie Marge Comix, here’s another story from the SHAM Comics archives, “Hilda Hogthrottle’s Haunted Honeymoon.” This ghost story has not appeared in print as yet. I’m saving it for the all-horror issue, The Crypt of SHAM. The original version, called “The Legacy,” appeared in Out of the Night #16, August 1954. It came to me in a heap of coverless golden age horror comics I picked up on ebay for a few bucks. Had the comics been in good shape, they would have been far beyond my price range. But these ratty versions suited my purposes just fine, although they do smell.

The first thing I found appealing about the story, was the couple sleeping in separate beds in the same room. It was a wonderful idea perpetuated by TV sitcoms in the fifties and sixties, even funnier if this couple were on their honeymoon. All the matronly women at the lawyer’s office gave me the opportunity to turn Woodrow into a serial polygamist, which is always comic gold. Even though it was only a two-page story, there was room for lots of little gems. So, let this be a lesson to you ladies, always insist on a prenup!


  1. Tim go bask in your accolades..

  2. Yer givin' that Fuller guy too much credit, honey! He'll get the big head!