Time to buy some funny books!

I’m packing this evening for a very early start tomorrow to the Lexington Comic & Toy Show. For an antisocial recluse, I’m once more pushing myself out of my snug little comfort zone to sell comics. This year I’ll be spreading the gospel of Zombie Marge, in the hopes of drumming up some more members here at the blog. The hope being that at some point the books and the blog take off promoting each other in a self-perpetuating cycle. I have brand new Zombie Marge trading cards (collect ‘em all) to pass out to entice new readers to join us here.

I’ve attended cons since the early 70s as a fan without ever considering what it was like to sit on the other side of the table. It’s fun, it’s hectic, and at times, it’s tedious. That’s why I always welcome Dale Trush when he can man the table with me. The Twelve-Way artists know Dale as our highly capable proofreader. My copy, in particular, looks like a drunken monkey wrote it, until Dale gets a hold of it.

Turns out, Dale is also a natural at selling strange comic books to an unsuspecting public. We’ve found we can tag team the confused lookie loos and dazzle them with our banter until they buy a book just to get away from the table. The photos above typify our respective styles. Ask yourself this; which dealer would you rather buy comics from? The photos are from the Cincinnati convention last fall and were taken by our good friend, co-worker and master photographer, David Leighton. He shot all the great stuff we were missing by sitting at the table. Thanks, David.

I’ll post a full report on the Lexington show next week. And remember, zombies are people too. At least at one time they were.


  1. Apparently the comic-buying public much prefers purchasing comics from Tim, as there is nary a fan to be found near Dale! By the way, Tim is definitely in the same league as that bounty hunter in terms of mean-mugging the camera.

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