Love is in the Air

Here’s a quick post to let everyone know that SHAM Comics #2 (Our Love is a SHAM) is finally, officially out now. I had copies at last weekend’s convention, but the online link at the left has just been activated and operators are standing by to take your orders. Or just see me for a copy. Walk boldly up on the street and offer me money for one.

SHAM Comics is a really fun side project that requires no drawing whatsoever on my part. But, boy, is the writing part tricky! The premise is simple. I research golden age comics to find the ones that have passed into public domain. I choose ones that strike me as likely candidates for satire. It might be something in the art or the subject matter. Whenever possible, I buy the old comics, even coverless copies, and scan them. Next comes the painstaking process of erasing all the text from the stories in Photoshop. Then the real work begins. I start filling in the blank captions and word balloons, trying to build a new story that is both funny, as well as coherent. Sometimes I have an ending in mind, but occasionally I have no idea where the story may go. It’s quite a challenge and uses a completely different set of skills than writing a story I’m planning to draw myself. I’m locked in to the visuals of the existing comic, but the new text has to make sense and go with the pictures.

Not only are there comics from the forties and fifties in SHAM, but also between the stories are rewritten ads for bodybuilding secrets, x-ray specs and adorable animals to order through the mail. It’s a golden age funfest, nostalgic and hip at the same time.

Not enough for you yet? Well, each issue features not just my insane ramblings, but Daryll Collins provides stories too. Issue number two features all romance comics, just as bitter and twisted as we could make them. The comics are PG-13, and then some, for unrestrained language and mature situations. Issue number two also features love advice columns, beauty and dating tips and four tales of love gone horribly wrong drawn by some of the best artists to ever pick up a pen.

Grab one up today!


  1. Was there any medical or social malady that advertisements in Golden Age comics didn't solve? I mean, hair loss, lack of height, brittle nails, blackheads, lack of muscle, need for self-defense -- all taken care of for $1.