Back to the ol' drawing board!

Where the heck have I been for the last couple of months, you ask? I really just needed a little break from the demands of Zombie Marge and thought I'd take a week off. But the time slipped away and there hasn't been a new strip since June! That's about to change. New strips are on their way. But on a bit more reasonable, twice a month schedule. The weekly output was exciting, but impossible to maintain for long. I simply wasn't getting anything else done and burned out quickly.

Don't think that I've been goofing off. I completed two new books, Cap'n Catnip #1 and SHAM Comics #4. I will post more about both of them here as soon as they are ready for sale. I've also spent a great deal of time bringing all my comics over to our new printer, KaBlam. Most of the books on the left side of the page are now available from Indy Planet. Click on the covers to be taken to the site.

Thanks for everyone's patience in my absence.

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