Episode 6


At the edge of Tanglefoot Cemetery stands an ancient church, Our Lady of the Inaccurate Contraception. The decaying ruins are home to a trio of ghosts who perished there in a fire in 1898. Father Nozebest pursues a quiet afterlife of study and reflection, occasionally enlisting Deacon Diefendorfer to scare off the curious. On the other hand, the alter boy, Mookie, longs to meet new people from the outside world and welcomes Marge into the fold over all objections.

At long last, Marge has found a suitable home, even if she has to share it with three "holy ghosts."


  1. I would like to have some decorating tips from Marge. Are severed heads only good for the game room or do they brighten any room?

  2. Severed heads are always a nice touch in any room, honey. The best would be a tasteful arrangement using Martha Stewart's head as the centerpiece.