Twelve Way Review!

We got a review from Ray Kosarin, director of MTV's "The Head," "Daria," and "Beavis and Butthead Do America." This is what he had to say about Twelve-Way:

Suffering from an overdose of oh-so-serious comics and heavy-handed graphic novels? Fed up with futuristic, pseudo-intellectual nihilism? Fatigued from solemn, autobiographical navel-gazing by artists who, instead of your paying them, probably ought to be paying you, because reading their comics is like having to sit through what amounts to an illustrated version of their psychotherapy?

You’re due for a break. So pick up your copy of Zombie Marge Comix Group’s “Twelve Way with Cheese.” This collaborative book is a labor of love from 12 Cincinnati-based artists (that’s right: Cincinnati—the nation’s rising new comics capital; you heard it here, first).

If you grew up with, or otherwise appreciate, any or all of: horror or zombie comics (from EC and its imitators), Mad (and/or Cracked) Magazine, or those funny-books—packed half-a-dozen to the plastic baggie on the spinning rack in the grocery, with thick outlines and dialogue whose only punctuation is exclamation marks—you’ll experience an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia reading this book. Your Cincinnati artist friends pay affectionate tribute to these genres (down to the pulpy ads for those novelty items pandering to your glacially advancing puberty and desperate longing to “apparently” see through women’s clothes) each in his or her fashion. And all of them—mercifully—even know how to draw.

Ray Kosarin
New York

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